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Websites are funny things. They started out as the rebel of the internet - a new way to do business by breaking all the old standard rules. Fast forward to today, and they you find that they are quickly becoming the forgotten stepchildren of marketing. But websites are a lot like a life partner. You can't just pay attention to them in the early stages of your relationship and expect them to deliver for you longterm. And, your customers are like the dating pool as well. If you aren't keeping things interesting, then they will go flirt and maybe even marry someone else's business. 


Unless your business heavily relies on online retail sales, chances are you've been a little lazy in making sure your website reflects your current brand. And, while websites aren't the only player in the online marketing game any longer, they are still a key element to ensuring your customers know you are here and ready to deliver. 

So, let's make sure your customers know you are ready for a long-term commitment by reviewing these key elements of your website: 

1) Your home page - You have less than three seconds to make sure your customers stay engaged with your website. This starts with the home page. So, take a look at it from a new perspective. Ask yourself, is it interesting? Does it grab my attention? Is it accurate? If I were brand new to this site, would it make sense to me? If the asnwer to any of these questions is "no", then you have some work to do. 

2) Navigation - These days, websites must be easily read on a variety of devices. Plus, they must be easy to navigate from any device as well. Check to see if you can easily hop from one page to another, then back to the home page. Is it slow to upload on your mobile when you are roaming? Is the print so tiny on your cell phone tht you have to enlarge the page or, worse, turn it sideways to see all the content? If so, then you need to revamp your site so it has mobile capabilities. 

3) Contact us and other links - There's nothing more frustrating for a new client than links that don't work or ambiguous contact us information. You should have your e-mail, a phone number and working links to all your social media channels easily accessible. AND those links better work. If they don't then you customers have no problem going somewhere else where they can spend or donate their dollars. 

Do you recognize your website in any of these problem areas? Is your site not-quite-dateable, much less relationship material? If so, then don't stress! We're here to help. BCreative does complete website analysis, revamp, restructure and even rebuilds at a price you can afford. Contact us today for your free consultation! 

Why your annual report matters

There are few things that make me sadder than a poorly executed Annual Report. Why? Well, it's simple, really. Because, when it comes to marketing your nonprofit to new and existing donors, there's no greater tool than your Annual Report. Here are three reasons why your Annual Report should get some major attention this year: 

1) It tells your story. Believe it or not, your AR is a marketing piece. Unfortunately, some nonprofits fail to see the potential in this one-shot piece. In short, it's an encapsulated summary of your programs, who they impact and why it matters. So, make the most of your annual report and show off a little. It may be your one and only shot to grab the attention of someone who could make a major impact in your organization. 

2) It carries your brand. Everything that has your name on it is part of your brand. Period. Everything that bears your logo should help carry through your branding. Each slip of paper, each coffee mug, pen, every t-shirt should help share who you are and what you stand for. Your Annual Report is no exception. 

3) It's an appeal. Here's the thing: your Annual Report should tell where you are going as much as where you've been. This one piece of marketing shares something about your vision for the future and how others can help you get there. That's a big deal. Respect it, grasshopper. 

Want to get started with a KILLER Annual Report? It's more affordable and easier than you think. BCreative provides comprehensive, specialized pieces with your organization in mind. And they're budget friendly. Contact us to set up your free consultation TODAY! 

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